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How You May Become Certified

1. Have you ever been certified as a foster parent before?

2. Name of Agency or Facility Name.
3. Are you 21 years or over?
4. What county do you live in?

5. Are you or the other prospective foster parent employed?

6. How many bedrooms do you have in your residence?

7. How many adults and children live in your residence?
8. If not employed, what is your or other prospective foster parent's source of income?

9. All adults 18 years or older that permanently reside in the home must have a finger print clearance and a child abuse clearance, would this be a problem?



10. Have you or or any other adult (18 years or older that permanently live in the household) ever been arrested?
11. All adults living in the household that are 18 years or older must have a health screening and a T.B. test. Would this be a problem?
12. How did you hear about ABC-FFA?
13. Please provide your Name.
14. Please provide your Street Address.
15. Please provide your City, State & Zip.
16. Please provide your Telephone Number.
17. When is the best time for an ABC-FFA employee to reach you?
18. Have you ever had a referral or contact with Child Protective Services anywhere?
19. If so, Where and When?
20. Have you ever operated or worked in a daycare facility?
21. Are you and/or your spouse/partner in good health?
22. Are you a legal resident of the United States of America?
23. Have you lived in any other state, other than the state of California, within the last five year?
24. Do you have any pending or unresolved traffic citations? e.g. Unpaid traffic tickets.
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