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How You May Become Certified
  One of the first things to do is to get fingerprinted. It is a very important step because it protects the children and protects the integrity of the program. Fingerprints must be approved by the State of California, Department of Justice before a prospective candidate can be certified. Prospective foster parents should telephone 1 (800) 315-4507 for live scan fingerprinting services. While prospective foster parents are waiting for the criminal and child abuse clearances, prospective foster parents are provided with a foster parent application package to complete and return to ABC-FFA. How quickly new foster parents are certified is primarily determined by ABC-FFA receiving the completed paperwork and other requirements. The next step is to attend foster parent training. ABC-FFA ensures that prospective foster parents are provided appropriate training by an ABC-FFA training coordinator. Topics include certification requirements, role modeling and parenting skills, disciplining, medical care, cleanliness, safety conditions in the home, family motivation to become foster parents, family member willingness to accept foster children, how to parent abused children, foster parent dynamics, support systems for the foster parent/child, etc. Training classes are held monthly at the ABC-FFA headquarters.

The following questionaire is to assist us to expedite your prospective foster parent application. Please answer the following questions:


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